Our future is a function of our past. 


Hayagrev takes immense pride in its past projects for it is these endeavors that stand as symbols of our hard work and commitment. While our past successes have given us deep technical expertise in the field, we believe that a more important contribution of our past is the sheer confidence that it gives us to push forward. Here's a glimpse into both our future and our past. 

For a detailed list of our past and ongoing projects, please get in touch with us at corporate@hayagrevgroup.com - we would be happy to provide you with an exhaustive list of all our past commitments. 



NDCT Construction for Kalisindh Thermal Power Station

Hayagrev's speciality of NDCT (Natural Draft Cooling Towers) construction is not exemplified better by any other structure than this - the NDCTs constructed as a part of this project are the tallest NDCTs ever built in history.

Hayagrev performed the civil, CHP as well as the production and supply of RMC for this project. The client was BGR Energy Systems.  


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