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Company Brief

Established in 2007, Hayagrev is one of the most reputable and trusted companies in the country. Having completed a number of projects across the power, water and roads sectors, Hayagrev possesses the deep expertise to build complex structures to the point. 

Hayagrev has its roots in Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh and has grown at a tremendous pace since its inception - and continues to grow at a break neck speed. Part of the reason for this growth has been the tremendous faith that its recurring clients have placed in the firm. These recurring clients include various government owned companies as well as several of the largest construction companies that exist today. 

Being a family owned enterprise, Hayagrev has always placed paramount importance in fostering its relationships with its clients, suppliers and most importantly, its labor force. Today, if we had to pick one strength that distinguishes us from the rest of our competitors, it would be the tremendous support that we get from our labor force. This has enabled us to successfully carry out projects at various challenging locations in the country. We take their safety seriously and are BS OHSAS 18001 (British Standard Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series) certified. 

Today, Hayagrev's portfolio includes some of the largest structures in the whole of India. We service across India and possess the necessary capability and the credentials to do so. Whilst high-rise concrete structures is our specialty, we are also widely recognized for our versatility where we have completed several prestigious road and reservoir projects as well. Hayagrev's approach and commitment to the clients has helped in fostering healthy relationships and we have achieved our goal of creating value for our clients at every project we have taken up. 


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