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Hayagrev's mission, ever since the idea was conceived, has been to create value for its clients. We have taken on large promises and we have consistently delivered on them. Today, our history boasts an impressive list of completed projects etching our name across the nation. South to North, East to West. 

We are trusted. 

Hayagrev's relentless pursuit of creating value for its clients has always been one of integrity. We take our reputation seriously and have always strived to provide the best for our clients. We believe that our client relationship are our most valuable assets - today, our rolodex of clients includes some of the largest multinational companies in the world. And we have earned their trust not once, but many times. 

Areas of Expertise

Natural draught cooling towers

Natural Draught Cooling Tower (NDCT) is an energy efficient solution for most power plant cooling needs. One of Hayagrev's core areas of expertise lies in the construction of cooling towers. We have served numerous clients in this regard and in fact, have the world's tallest cooling tower to our name (Kalisindh Thermal Power Project). 



Our experience in this sector is extensive. Hayagrev has successfully completed multiple projects across a wide spectrum. In its time, Hayagrev has  completed projects involving overhead reservoirs, sanitation projects and even dams. Hayagrev has been extensively involved in this sector since its infancy. 


For the purpose of carrying away exhaust, chimneys are an essential component of most industrial projects. As chimneys' are generally very tall structures, there are many inherent challenges in the building of a chimney. Hayagrev has overcome these challenges and boasts successful completion of multiple chimney projects across the country. 



Hayagrev has completed multiple projects involving industrial commercial buildings. Our expertise in building complex civil structures has been harnessed to provide greater cost efficiency to our clients. One of the notable recent projects include the bottling plant for SHV Holding, N.V. 


Hayagrev has completed and handed over several extremely prestigious projects in this sector. The Trichy to Madurai road project serves as an instance amongst many others of our foray into this sector.




Hayagrev is a keen player in this sector and has completed numerous projects at various levels of the electric grid. We have recently completed a 400 220 KV substation in Andhra Pradesh, India.



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